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Sage: The Outsiders Series, #2

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Sage Davis risked everything for her sisters, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

After spending the last few years in a juvenile detention center, Sage is ready to reunite with her sisters and put their past behind them. Too bad, her sisters have already moved on…without her. They’ve been living with the Williams family while waiting for her to get out, and seemed to have forgotten what it means to stick together. Sage thought that once she was out, they’d be together again, but her sisters are willing to ditch their new life for her. Even though Sage lost out on hers for them.

Seth Fairfield is someone Sage thought she left in the past, but the past has a habit of showing up again when you least expect it. 

Seth tried to help Sage after their parents left, but she didn’t take his charity. He never heard about what happened to her or her sisters. One day she was at work and the next she was gone. Now she’s back in his life, he hopes to figure out where she’s been all these years, but Sage is hopeful to keep that a secret. He’s the only person who doesn’t know her past and she’d like to keep it like that.

But just like the past, the truth eventually comes back to haunt Sage. There’s more in her past than juvie, but is she strong enough to survive it all again?

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