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EMP Survival: Be Prepared To Survive Any Case of EMP

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An EMP attack is imminent, and it can happen at any time. It is crucial to prepare so that you can survive.

From this book you will learn:

-Different strategies and procedures to follow when you want to escape in a catastrophic EMP situation.

-Different types of gadgets that can be thoroughly affected by the EMP attack. Devices that are not affected that can help you to survive.

-Types of food that you can stock up in anticipation

-Protective gear that you can use to protect your gadgets from being destroyed

-How to create a family plan that can help in locating them in case of an EMP attack

-How to inform your neighbours and friends about the EMP attack and how they can protect themselves against its dangers to survive

-How to harvest rainwater that can be useful to you, when the water systems have been contaminated

-Simple solutions that prove to be crucial to surviving

-How to best tackle the dangers presented and precautions that you should take after the occurrence of an EMP attack

-How to use your home garden to grow your food and keep livestock

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