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10th Anniversary: Shades Of Gray #3 Cerberus Versus Pandora

363 pages5 hours


10th Anniversary Edition...

An unthinkable disaster struck over thirty years ago, covering half the world with Dry Clouds that prevented the sun to shine on half the planet. On this planet looming slowly towards a doom known as the Closing of Days, two women collide. Kimberly Griffin, a legal assassin also known as a Life Closer with the alias the Phoenix, and Katharine, an experiment with no memory of her past who is called the Pandora Project, are forced together in a shaky partnership to discover the truth about both of their pasts. Kimberly must discover who murdered her mother so that she can take her revenge. Katharine has a need to discover a past that eludes her that could either be the key to the salvation of the planet or the solution that ushers it to its destruction.

Shades of Gray #1 Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness starts the series and Shades of Gray #2 continues their adventures as they delve into a past that shaped their future.

The third book brings Pandora face to face with another experiment like herself in a fight for survival while Kimberly faces her father along with questions that must be answered at gunpoint.

Shades of Gray Science Fiction Action Adventure Mystery Thriller Series:

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