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Alien Christine. Alien Characters #4

42 pages8 minutes


Alien Christine lives on the planet Transperos in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy, and creates sun-powered energy crystals for her planet.

Her crystals are used for lighting, running machines, even for flying mats.

She's suddenly contacted by the World President about a mysterious object that is going to block out their sun for a week.

How will their planet survive? How will she find a solution?

Find out more in Alien Christine, featuring 17 beautiful illustrations by Genelyn Javier.

Each book contains an encapsulated story within the Alien Characters universe and each story features a new character. They can be read as stand-alone titles or in groups of series.

Books 1-12 introduce a number of characters that eventually band together at a conference in story 13 entitled 'Alien Sophie'. The Alien Characters series is currently approaching 70 titles, and has a spin-off series for young adults entitled Galactic Mission Series.
Collect them all!

(A print version is also available.)

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