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Islamic Civilization, Amity, Equanimity and Tranquility: Analyzing and Inventing Peace Paradigms, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Strategies

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This book is not intended to be a critique of democracy nor an antagonistic or provocative study of the potential rise and fall of particular regimes. Rather, Islamic Civilization, Amity, Equanimity and Tranquility intends to define and describe the theory of democratic peace and to propose Islamic peace paradigms and a conflict resolution strategy that are as compatible, complementary, or as an alternative to the democratic model. In consideration of the deficit of contending or alternative perspectives regarding the establishment of global peace, Islam is employed to provide the theoretical basis for the probability of a particular regime type as the precursor for peace and stability. By closely scrutinizing the apparent prerequisites of international peace, it defines and describes a peace model using Islam as a historical case study.

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