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Keyboard Jihad: Attempts to Rectify Misperceptions and Misrepresentations of Islam

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Keyboard Jihad is an attempt to rectify some of the misperceptions and misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims that resulted from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This book is a collection of original essays that were written over the years by Abdul Karim Bangura. These essays were not compiled to defend Islam–a deen, meaning in Arabic a complete way of life. Rather, Keyboard Jihad seeks to dispel common misperceptions and misrepresentations of Islam that can lead to prejudice and racism.

The essays in Keyboard Jihad cover a variety of Islamic topics:

Misused and/or Misrepresented Islamic Concepts that Can Impede Peacebuilding and Interfaith Dialogue Islam and Just War Theory Islamic Precepts on Gender Relations Islam on the Internet HIV/AIDS in Africa: Majority Muslim versus Non-Muslim Societies Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating New Muslim Immigrants into American Society Competing Approaches for Shaping the Iraqi Society The Debate on Arab Racism against Africans

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