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Chasing Charlie

486 pages7 hours


When unlucky-in-love Sam bumps into her first boyfriend, the charming but roguish Charlie, she falls for him all over again. Even though he broke her heart, she's determined to win him back—even if she has to chase him all over London. Sam's friends have their doubts about whether cheating Charlie is really the man for her, but they have their own problems to deal with. Uptight Mara is struggling to trust anyone after a bad break-up; sexy corporate go-getter Claudia has her self-confidence rocked after a health scare; and sensitive, intelligent Ed has been secretly in love with Sam for years. As Sam chases her lost love like a woman possessed, getting into ever more outlandish situations, she wonders just how far she'll go to win Charlie back. Or will she finally see what's right under her nose?

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