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Daybreak: Anna Mitchell Thrillers, #1

324 pages4 hours


A bomb explodes.


Eight innocent children die.


A Russian-backed terrorist group calling itself Daybreak claims responsibility.


Daybreak’s duplicitous leader, Alexandr “Papa Sasha” Volkov, promises peace and prosperity while secretly planning an attack on America that will plunge the world into chaos.

But U.S. intelligence operative Anna Mitchell isn’t fooled. She’s brought down enough tyrants around the globe to know there’s nothing peaceful about Volkov ... and she’ll go to any length to stop his reign of terror.

In an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock, Mitchell uncovers a disturbing mystery about her past, and she must make an impossible choice to keep innocent Americans safe.

Fans of Alias, Homeland, and fast-paced modern spy thrillers will love this strong, independent woman who defends freedom from the threat of a New Cold War.

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