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Reverse Diabetes: Proven Methods to Reverse Diabetes: Lower Your Blood Sugar to Normal Without Drugs!

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You’ve spent years going to doctors, filling and taking prescriptions, and following diets and making changes as your doctor recommended, but you’re wondering if there is anything else you can do to regulate, and even to a certain extent, maybe get rid of your Diabetes for good. Is there?

You’re beginning to wonder if there is a way to reverse the condition. The problem is, with all the information on the internet, you don’t know what to believe, what to dismiss, and what to take to your doctor as viable ways to further get your Diabetes under control.

I have taken the guess work out of the fact finding and put the most promising viable options in an easy-to-read and understandable format!

It’s all here, from breaking down the different types to holistic alternatives. This book will help you on your way to being Diabetes free.

Topics covered:
It’s inherited.
That spare tire
Metabolic problems
Your liver is in overdrive.
It could be cellular
Damaged Beta cells
I am in no way telling you to stop taking your medication
Not all bodies are created equal
Natural remedies are not a magic pill
If you are taking capsules
If you are extracts
And more!

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