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Gossamer Realm: New Sight (Book 1)

53 pages48 minutes


Spun from a string as thin as a whisper, the realm of the spirits is very real, and for one boy will mean the difference between danger and duty. For young Eli is about to awaken into a world like any other and discover the delicate balance between our reality and the next. After a terrible accident leaves the young boy unconscious, he awakens to find he now sees the world not with new eyes-but with a new kind of sight.
All around him the truth behind the spirit world and its existence stand out like never before. Superimposed onto our world, the spirit world is closer than we ever dreamed, and now there is one among us who can bridge the two. Now armed with this incredible gift, Eli must learn how to use his new sight to help others and become the ambassador between worlds. Tasked with this awesome responsibility, Eli steps out into a bold new world-as thin as a gentle breeze but as real as the ground beneath his feet.

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