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From Mosses from an Old Manse

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Short story collection including some of Hawthorne's best: The Birthmark, Young Goodman Brown, Rappaccini's Daughter, Mrs. Bullfrog, The Celestial Railroad, The Procession of Life,Feathertop: A Moralized Legend, Egotism; or, The Bosom Serpent, Drowne's Wooden Image, Roger Malvin's Burial, and The Artist of the Beautiful. According to Wikipedia: "Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 –1864) was an American novelist and short story writer... Much of Hawthorne's writing centers around New England and many feature moral allegories with a Puritan inspiration. His fiction works are considered part of the Romantic movement and, more specifically, dark romanticism. His themes often center on the inherent evil and sin of humanity and his works often have moral messages and deep psychological complexity. His published works include novels, short stories, and a biography of his friend Franklin Pierce."

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