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Ace Carroway Around the World: The Adventures of Ace Carroway, #2

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In 1921, in the quiet seaside town of Hyannis, shipbuilder Grant Carroway dies in a hail of bullets. Cynical cop Drew Lucy investigates the case.  When Grant's know-it-all daughter Cecilia barges into the crime scene, Lucy puts her at the top of the suspect list. Nine times out of ten, murder's a family affair.

Pilot Cecilia "Ace" Carroway thinks the hit was masterminded by a Great War tyrant she remembers killing. Is the shadowy Darko Dor still alive?

It sounds farfetched to Drew Lucy until he finds himself dodging bullets and grenades. He'd better get wise quick, or somebody else is going to die.

Buy this book if you like: Narrow escapes. 1920s slang. Cool female pilots. Noir detectives. Murder investigations. Explosions. Clipped sentences. Hired thugs. Jazz.

Novella #2 in the Adventures of Ace Carroway series.

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