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Best Russian Short Stories

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12 illustrations. This collection includes: THE QUEEN OF SPADES by Pushkin, THE CLOAK (AKA The Overcoat) byGogol, THE DISTRICT DOCTOR byTurgenev, THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND THE WEDDING by Dostoyevsky, GOD SEES THE TRUTH, BUT WAITS by Tolstoy, HOW A MUZHIK FED TWO OFFICIALS by Saltykov, THE SHADES, A PHANTASY by Korolenko, THE SIGNALby V.N. Garshin, THE DARLING by Chekhov, THE BET by Chekhov, VANKA by Chekhov, HIDE AND SEEK by Sologub, DETHRONED by Potapenko, THE SERVANT bySemyonov, ONE AUTUMN NIGHT by Gorky, HER LOVER by M. Gorky, LAZARUS by Andreyev, THE REVOLUTIONIST by Artzybashev, and THE OUTRAGE byKuprin.

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