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Women As Leaders? Yes, You CAN! A 6-Step Formula to Confidently and Powerfully Inspire Others to Follow You as a Leader.

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This eBook was written to serve women wanting to become leaders; women wanting to define, redefine, examine, and re-examine their leadership skills; women wanting to examine, understand, and explore how their values impact leadership. I hope the result of reading this eBook is women having increased their self-confidence in their leadership abilities and skills; a better understanding of their communication style and how it impacts leadership; clarification of their purpose and role as a leader, so women can begin to lead and change the world.
I believe our female attributes of nurture, sensitivity, empathy, intuitive, compromising (willingness to listen to both side of a situation and make the best decision), caring, cooperative, accommodating, which historically have been invalidated, dismissed, and ridiculed, are increasingly what is needed for effective leadership.
Women leaders are the solution to leadership solvency.
When you align your values with your leadership style and come from a place of being authentically who you are, there is congruency and consistency in your life and in the lives of the people working with you.
The doors to leadership open to you when you begin to align your values with your leadership skills. When your behaviors, actions, language and decisions reflect your values, your leadership is aligned with you as a person.

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