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The Thinking Universe: Energy Is Thought

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The universe is a vast thought, a cosmic process of thinking, a living organism seeking to know itself. It thinks about itself all the time, and what it wants to know is exactly what it is. The task of the universal thought is to become conscious of itself, to become entirely self-aware, to attain Absolute Knowledge of itself.

The secret of thought is that it is the purest and clearest energy of all - light energy. Your mind is an immaterial electromagnetic system outside space and time.

When all of us become "enlightened", the resultant state of the universe is the "God State" of perfect light, perfect reason, perfect knowledge, perfect understanding, perfect symmetry, perfect consciousness, and perfect bliss. God is in his heaven and all is right with the universe. This is the State that awaits us all, and which some humans - the enlightened ones - are actually bringing about right now. Don't you want to be one of the Illuminated Ones?

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