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The Mathematics of Angels

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Animals are much more "mindful" than rocks. Humans are much more mindful than animals. Genius humans are much more mindful than ordinary human. There is an ascending scale of mindfulness, and humans are not the terminus ... angels are. Angels, as Saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out, are immaterial intellects, which can generate physical bodies - when they need them - through the sheer power, knowledge and understanding of their minds. If science is the language of matter, what is the language of mind? It's mathematics. The secret of existence is that, ontologically, mathematics is indistinguishable from light, and light is the basis of mind. Your mind is nothing other than a complete and consistent set of natural photons. Photons have no extension in space and time, meaning that they are outside space and time. They are in the frequency Singularity of immortal things rather than the spacetime world of mortal things.

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