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An Introduction to Birds

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This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian writer Saurabh Pant that contains information about birds and their natural habitats.
A general knowledge book that deals with questions and detailed articles about common knowledge on birds, this book covers five chapters and each chapter contain 20 questions on birds to interest the readers and help them know more about our nature.
Priya Verma once again presents ecstatic work by setting photos for the book and making it glorious which she has done by her great effort while collecting, checking and editing them all the same.
From common species to most threatened one, from desert to river and marine and also considering their correlative preys and lifestyle, the book may be bit dark or bit different from other genre but it is an interesting book that deals with natural phenomenon that will attract readers and shall bring them close to the curiosity they have for 'Nature' and it's 'Living creature's' which is most vital.

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