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True North
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True North is a love story that began long before the World War II mission when David's B-17 bomber takes a direct hit. He parachutes into Germany, is captured by the enemy, and starts a journey into hell. After a terrifying escape and months in military hospitals, he returns home and struggles with the physical and emotional scars inflicted by the horrors of combat and his experiences as a prisoner of war. Haunted by nightmares and flashbacks of the war, David struggles to navigate through civilian life. He marries his childhood sweetheart. With guile and manipulation, he rises to the top of a major corporation. However, a terrible wartime secret lies locked within him that only a psychiatrist, with his own unsolvable problems, can unlock. David has an affair with a beautiful seductress and finds himself impossibly in love with two women. His arrogance and infidelity lead him into a downward spiral. He loses his family, his mistress, and the career he fought so hard to build. Serendipitously, he is reunited with an unusual acquaintance who offers him a job and a chance for redemption, but David has to sell his soul to the devil in order to succeed. How David resolves the casualties he left behind in his escape from Germany, his drive for success, his infidelity, and how he opens the secret that tortures him is the climax of the story.
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