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A Critique of Mindless, Robotic, and Destructive Mass Tourism

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Calling it Genghis-Bozo Tourism, the author describes the various destructions wrought by mass tourism, which is a new, modern form of colonialism when practised on ancient cultures or in already overcrowded and otherwise resource-stressed countries. In this the author draws on the experience of his 40 years of tourism or expatriate living in 40 different countries (some of which he regrets, just as Saint Augustine regretted his sins) to propose some solutions.

Richard Crasta is the author of "The Revised Kama Sutra", and occasionally brings to this short book the comic, passionate voice of some of his better books. This is a book that has long been in progress, and is published for the discerning few who don't mind paying the price for original expression and respect the need for authors to raise money for their continuing projects by selling books.
This is the Uncensored, uncut version of the book.

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