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Blood Secret

337 pages9 hours


A sinfully delicious erotic romp between a vampire and a dragon shape-shifter from the New York Times–bestselling author of Blood Red.
Lady Lucy Drake is prepared to do all she must to save her family, even if that means giving herself as a sexual plaything to the Duke of Greystone. Desperate to keep her ability to shape-shift into dragon form a secret, she willingly enters an unfamiliar world of carnal ecstasy with the one man who is sworn to destroy all of her kind . . .
The Duke of Greystone will do whatever he must to discover the Drake family secret and find out the whereabouts of his missing nephew. A vampire highly skilled in the ways of erotic pleasure and adept with games of dark seduction, he will prevail upon his sexual expertise to ensure Lucy’s complete surrender . . .
“Sharon Page is a pure pleasure to read.” —Sunny, New York Times–bestselling author

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