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Western Light (A Tony Masero Western)

198 pages3 hours


Cloud Halfpenny went down for the crime – which was fair enough. After all, he’d taken the horses and nailed the three men sent after him, but Cloud didn’t see that as wrong.
The judge, however, saw things differently.
Condemned to three years hard labor, Cloud was sent to serve his sentence as solitary keeper on the isolated island of Coldhazard Rock. But a deadly gang of killers hit the local lumber town’s pay office and carried off hostages as well as the money.
Leaving the town a wreck behind them, the gang headed out on their planned getaway, but the seas were running high along the earthquake-prone coastline, and there was a vicious storm brewing on the horizon.
Trapped on the island, Cloud finds himself defending a small group of fugitives and involved in a bloody fight to the death against everything both man and nature can throw at him.

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