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Black Abyss

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In this third installment of the Black Sheena saga the mighty Coalition has fallen and the new government of the Citizens Republic has been formed by the Blacks. An arrest warrant has been issued for the renegade warlord Tondaka who has committed heinous war crimes, so Sheena and Kag decide to go on a secret mission to the Yamagoochee Five System to gather intel.

But days into their trip something goes horribly wrong and they wind up crash landing on an uncharted moon of the planet Malcolloy. There they find a primitive culture where people are living in the stone age. In this culture men must compete for food, water and women. Kag finds himself facing off against a murderous thug named Rune for Sheena.

Meanwhile, Dingo and the others at Sandow realize that Sheena and Kag are overdue. Something has happened to them. They mount an exhaustive search through the Yamagoochee Five System but find not a trace of them.

Their search efforts capture the attention of Tondaka. Why is the Citizens Republic searching for something in his home system? He decides to do some searching of his own, and he has a very good idea where to look.

Who will reach Sheena and Kag first and will they be in time to save them?

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