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Enraptured: Mockingbird Square, #2

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Wealthy Olivia Willoughby has led a happy and untroubled life, so far. Then, on holiday in Scotland, she meets Rory Maclean. Rory is as untamed as the landscape about them. The last of his family, he's the owner of a falling down castle and deeply in debt, and he has two wishes. One, to marry an heiress and two, find the Sword of the Macleans, a fabled weapon which carries with it the luck of the family.

For a time Olivia and Rory embrace married life and civilisation in London, and then Olivia learns the truth. That Rory organised their 'accidental' meeting and married her for her money. Furious with him, and yet still loving him, she follows him home to Scotland.

In the distant north, at Rory's castle, anything is possible. Will love conquer all, or will Olivia return to Mockingbird Square, alone.

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