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Odessa's Orbs, Spheres Of Influence

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We had only moved two miles, from a wooded location to a home in a different wooded location. We were sure surprised when our grown country dogs were terrified of something outside. They would bark like mad and want in the house with looks of terror in their eyes. My wife and I were laughing about this. We often checked but never saw anything. But we had a new puppy that was half Jack Russell terrier and half Dachshund named Odessa, and she wasn't afraid of anything. She played rough for hours on end with our Red Heeler and was really a little cut up. But we started noticing she was chasing something around like mad.....but we couldn't see anything. We really hoped that she wasn't nuts. Later I was able to get a photograph of what she was chasing completely by chance. This led to a series of photographs that have blown people’s minds. These photographs are real and unexpected. These things seem to have behavior and move in unexpected ways and can light up. They remind me of the Halos shown in religious iconography worldwide. It is thought by some that advanced beings project their consciousness and travel or communicate by projecting these plasma orbs, spirit orbs or halos. Certainly Jesus was an advanced being and he is constantly shown with a halo lighting up. As with the stoning of Stephen and on the day of Pentecost in the Bible Book of Acts chapter 2.. Paintings show a small rainbow around these items which is confirmed in the Holy Bible....and born out by my personal experience. My first E book of photographs is called Odessa's Orbs, Photographs The Free Press Won't Let You See.... Contains the story and context surrounding the amazing photographs. This new E book is primarily photographs. The entire collection of which may be one of the best of it's kind. Many of the photos seem to have no optical photographic mechanism to explain these orb like objects. Also proofs are offered in the form of geometry. The geometry of reflections in two of these photographs. Accurate geometry in the reflection of these objects in glass windows are shocking, because these pictures are REAL. You will want to see these photographs. You are invited to investigate this modern mystery. All these photographs in on place....make it possible for you to credibly assess the situation. The photographs are priceless. Some of you will want to share this with friends and families and pastors and so forth. some of you will be afraid to share these photon graphs at all. These photographs are that wild. All my best from my family to yours. Enjoy!

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