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Culture: Inside the Company and Outside the Country

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Why Should You Read This Book?
Good question. The simple answer is because it'll help your company and employees thrive. True enough, but the complete answer is a little more complicated. To simplify for brevity's sake, understanding culture —both within and without an an organization—is critical to its success. Since every company has a culture, its leaders have a choice: let that culture happen by accident, or help shape it to fit their needs and vision. As for outside the company, it's very clear by now that business today is global in nature, which means companies do a great deal of business in other countries, often even own facilities in them. And just as every company has a culture, so does every country, which means organizations would do well to understand other countries' cultures and accommodate them, the better to do business in them. Bottom line: this book will help you shape your own culture and deal with that of other countries.

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