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Love Chronicles

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The Love Chronicles is a Free Anthology of romance, contemporary romance and young adult romance novels.


I decided to run from my past to build something that wouldn't hurt so much.
Jordan was a glitch in that plan. I never expected to find love again. And I never
expected my past to follow me. What happens next is... unexpected.

***This book is for readers 18 and over only

Live Today

Jenna Munson has had her fair share of life events. Brought up under the guardianship
of her brother Brennan, she was forced to grow up quickly. Her family was not built
by blood alone, but by the love of music. Her life was full and complete with music,
her band and… Drugs. 

When Brennan introduces a new guitarist, Gabriel, Jenna’s world shifts on its axis. 

After a tragic accident, she decides to reshape her life. A new home, a new beginning.
The only thing she wasn't counting on was her growing feelings for Gabriel. Even
though Gabriel’s attraction for Jenna grows as well, she is afraid to be another one
of his conquests. 
Use to a lifetime of disappointment, she’s afraid to open her heart and let the
emotions in. But when she finally does, will she find her happily ever after or will a
secret Gabriel has kept from her tear them apart? 

Live Today ~ A Story Of Family, Friendship, Betrayal, Courage, and Love

New Beginnings
Marky Marshal is an ER Doctor. A gang war that spilled into the ER one night leaves
her with PTSD. She can’t bring herself to go back to the ER. Marky wants to make a
difference for men and women who have PTSD and/or other wounds. She decided to
open Hope House for men and women of the Military who need a safe, peaceful
place to live and learn to live again.

Ridge Storm was an Army Ranger. On his last mission, he lost his whole team. He
was left for dead. After 4 months in a coma from head injuries, multiple broken bones
and burns, and then eight more months in rehabilitation he needs to find a place to
live. He suffers from survivors guilt and PTSD. He becomes Hope House’s first
resident and manager of the farm side of the property.

This is their story of how they learned to live life again together.

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