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Red Clay, Yellow Grass

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Red Clay, Yellow Grass

Length: 400 pages5 hours


A battleground and a rock festival... love and war in the age of aquarius.

BOOKLIST: "...Barager's dynamic, passionate, often moving exploration of the turbulent and politically divided 1960s... is striking. The cast of complicated characters adds arresting human dimensions."

A startlingly vivid portrayal of the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of two ill-fated college lovers. The story of their generation spills across some of the era's most iconic settings: the legendary battleground of Khe Sanh; a Midwestern campus riven by dissent; and Altamont Speedway, scene of the notorious rock festival that ended the Sixties.

KIRKUS INDIE: "Barager spins a compelling tale of youthful passion, both personal and political... a rich, satisfying experience. A well-written, gripping novel that expertly blends fact and fiction, love and conviction."

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a startlingly vivid portrayal of the 1960s, as one reviewer put it: "the decade that changed us all." [DRM-Free]

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