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Legacy Explored

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Legacy Explored: Book 2 of the Legacy Saga.

Legacy Explored continues the adventures of three rival Captains and their search for the cure to a virus that could eradicate humanity: the calculating, genetically enhanced Serena with the imperfect crew she loves like a family, proud Lazlo with his dysfunctional paramilitary unit, and the laconic, ex-forces man known as Rabbit with his crew of simmering violence. Serena has the means to find both her brother and the cure, but she needs a hacker to decode the information in her hands. The search takes her to the American Sector and into a secret lay buried by a paranoid military commander, onto a world lost to Chaos years before. Lazlo fights to regain the trust of his crew by unleashing violence for a cause that ultimately leads him to a mystery he can't understand and needs to solve. Meanwhile, Rabbit walks into a trap from outside whilst facing dissent from within, placing his Captaincy at stake. Legacy Explored sees all three Captains face danger from outside and dissent within their crews in this second installment of the series.

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