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Milk Magic

Length: 1,149 pages17 hours


In a world where magic is possible ever since a magical dimension was Shattered into ours, Erin is slowly killing himself.

He works for a small, semi-illicit company that helps out their clients with magical problems and security. He also believes that he is a murder, and is drinking himself to death over it.

During one mission there is a fire and a warehouse burns to the ground, but something starts happening to him. He starts changing... into a woman and more so, into something not Human!

He is taken by surprise when his body changes, but more so, when his milk lets down... and doesn't stop. Daily!

Now he is caught up, living day to day, trying to figure out what happened to him, what is happening to their warehouses, dealing with his changes, and needing to be milked.

As each day passes, her body changes, with new instincts, problems, and perhaps even a few solutions. Still, each day her milk needs pumping.

Old loves, old mysteries, and new ones surface, and Erin is caught in the middle of trying to find out who he was, and who she is now. He's living a life of milk, magic, and mysteries.


-Milk Magic #1

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