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Relationship Code

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All Godly relationships are derivatives of love; for God is love and love is of God. His approved relationship must be based on this. Love binds together, it bridges the gap between us and without it the human race is doomed. Love is the doorway through which the human soul passes from selfishness to service and from solitude to kinship with all mankind. Love is the only service that power cannot command, and money cannot buy.

The truth is that human beings are Gods best assets on this planet, and relationships are central to our lives. Men are the hands of God extended. The quality of your relationships with other people will determine your kindness and in turn your success, much more than any other factor. Ultimately, the way you relate with people will count for something in your life and contribute, to a large extent, towards blessing, success, and greatness around you. If we fail in relationships we fail; if we succeed with relationships we succeed.

No man is created to relate with himself alone. We are created to relate and connect. The whole human race is entangled in a complex network of relationships. It is true that no man is an island; we all need someone. Having said this, it is important to have the right kind to relationship. Why? Relationship imparts those who are in it; therefore no relationship will leave you the same either for good or otherwise.

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