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Demons and Angels At My Door

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An Unseen Struggle between Light and Darkness

When I decided to write these essays, I had many misgivings. First of all, when one admits or says that they have had real encounters with angels and demons, the majority of the human race writes them off as being a sensational liar, hallucinating, simply deranged – or some kind of religious fanatic.

I am none of the above. Secondly, by revealing my experiences with spiritual beings, or creatures from an unseen but real world, I had to put them in context of why I thought they revealed themselves to me and what effect they had on my life. By doing so, I knew I would have to reveal my personal failings and embarrassing information about myself that some would hold against me —information — that would forever stigmatize me in the minds of some.

At first, I thought about attributing these true experiences to anonymous sources or writing these essays using a pseudonym. But as I contemplated this option, I realized this would not be honest, and if the point of this compilation was to reveal some truth, then I would have to be willing to expose myself as well as my experiences.

This is not a religious missive. In fact, there were times in my life when I loathed all organized theologies, and I am not a member of a church today. Rather, this writing is about agents of the spirit and the battle being waged over men and women’s souls that I am convinced is being carried on, not in a theological sense but in a real, spiritual sense, with eternal and real-world consequences I hope you find my experiences interesting. I’ve even included a brief theory on UFOS, ghosts and telling the truth.

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