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THE LAUGHING PRINCE and other fairy tales and stories from Jugoslavia: 14 Fairy and folk tales from the land formerly known as Jugoslavia

Length: 260 pages2 hours


The book containing 14 Fairy and folk tales from the land formerly known as Jugoslavia. These have been selected from a larger mass of material which can now be found in Jugoslav, Czechoslovak, Bulgarian, German, and English translations of these stories.
Within this volume you will find 14 uniquely fairy tale and folk tales. Stories like:
The Laughing Prince,
Beauty And The Horns,
The Pigeon's Bride,
The Little Lame Fox,
The Enchanted Peafowl,
The Dragon's Strength,
The Little Singing Frog,
The Nightingale In The Mosque,
The Girl In The Chest,
The Wonderful Hair,
The Best Wish,
The Vilas' Spring,
Lord And Master,
The Silver Tracks

The term Jugoslav is used in its literal sense of Southern Slav - The Bulgars, the Serbs or Croats or any other of the Slav peoples now included mainly within the modern states of Slovakia and Croatia.

These tales as presented will give you, the reader, a true idea of the amazing vigor and the artistic inventiveness of the Jugoslav imagination, and also of the various influences, Oriental and Northern as well as Slavic, which have made that imagination what it is to-day. Here are joyful and picturesque tales of adventure, charming little stories of sentiment, a few folk tales of stark simplicity and a few with grim humour. One of the stories shows a superficial Turkish influence, and one a spiritual allegory as deep and moving as anything in the Russian.

So, after downloading this volume, sit back with a steaming hot beverage and be prepared to be entertained. Should you perchance happen to read any of these stories to the younger members of your family, when you finish a story, don’t be surprised to find a tug at your sleeve with request for “’nuther pleeeeese.”
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