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Land of Phantoms: Titan's Song, #6

Length: 288 pages4 hours


THE CHOSEN... Simone Copeland has been struggling to maintain what's left of her humanity in the face of a relentless psychic assault from the dark Titan called Apep - a powerful dragon who rules a brutal empire with the vast power of his mind. Now book six finds Simone facing a new and dangerous problem - random sightings of a nightmarish and gruesome creature that may or may not be real. Strange visions are nothing new for Simone, but there's something different about these experiences, something much more sinister...

THE MAGE... Malcolm Thackery, an agent for a secret society of powerful occult masters, has been searching for Simone. Along the way he's faced and survived death at the hands of horrifying supernatural foes. Now, through a series of extraordinary circumstances, he has joined forces with a powerful Goddess. She has manifested before him in a remarkable fashion, but he doesn't know why she's there, and he has no idea what the implications of her appearance might be. Will she help him find Simone and complete his mission? And what will she ultimately expect of him?

THE SHIFTER... Kevin Tanaka has been captured by an unimaginably dangerous woman with gruesome and deadly appetites. He'll have to use every skill in his arsenal to escape her clutches before she forces him to reveal the secrets of his power to transform.

THE COUNTESS... Camilla Truscelenta's body and soul both belong to the beast now, and he has sent her on a quest. She searches deep in the heart of chaos, traveling through the wildest country of the mirror world, where amazing sights await, and unspeakable terrors lurk...

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