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Speculations on Thomism and Evolution

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Over seven centuries ago, St. Thomas Aquinas explored Aristotle's works from a Christian world view. Evolution was not one of the issues on the agenda. Aquinas concluded that God made every form, except for the mule, which happens to be the product of two natural kinds, the horse and the ass.
Chaberek applies the logic of Thomism to the concepts of theistic evolution and finds the latter wanting. Austriaco rises to the defense of theistic - or even better, Thomistic - evolution.
Austriaco's rebuttal appears in an opinion piece published in March, 2018 ( He considers each of Chaberek's five objections to theistic evolution. He does so both as a Dominican scholar and a research biologist, studying the evolution of snakes (among other things). The latter aspect weighs heavily in his argument.
This work speculates on how Austriaco's defense may be re-articulated using the category-based nested form. The speculation brings Peirce and Aquinas together in surprising ways. Both John Deely and Jacques Maritain struggled with similar syntheses.
How is biological evolution a sign of God?
The One Triune God is contiguous with His creation.
The living being is an intersection of adaptation and phenotype.

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