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Kingdom of little angels: Story 1 - The King of Darkness, Santa Claus, disobedient little kids, Faith, Hope and Love

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven, where adorable little angels deliver infants to their parents and where their young prince Amor sends arrows to the hearts of kids and adults living on the planet named Earth. Attending the heavenly school, the adorable young child knows that his homework is to gift love, but in his quiver there is no arrow intended for his own loving heart. However, in the abominable castle on a desolate hill, together with his wise and silly counselors, the king of darkness, afraid that Amor and his friends may destroy his authority over the world of children and their dreams and feelings, prepares his cruel plans to punish the king of little angels with the flames of love instilled into his tender heart. The old prophecy tells that if there could be found at least one kid wholeheartedly believing in white-winged adorable creatures serving God the Father and His Son and capable of defending his faith, his hope and his love, then the king of little angels may be cured.

The second part of the story tells about the Christmas adventures of the good old wizard from Lapland. Which of us doesn’t like getting his gift on the saint holiday, but what the chaos is happening in the home of the grandfather of little angels and why were the fairy police and ghostbusters forced to interrogate nearly every villain from nearly every fairy tale of the world? There’s definitely someone who likes Santa’s gifts more than anything else, but the theft of his gifts is now threatening him with retirement. Will little angels be able to defend their Grandpa?

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