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Secret Passions: Forbidden Passions, #5

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Secret Passions: Forbidden Passions, #5

Length: 152 pages1 hour


Sometimes, Sara Beth Reynard hates being a fox. Her sensual animal nature draws attention whether she likes it or not, and she tries damned hard to avoid the spotlight. Humans are her number one hassle.
When a research scientist announces the discovery of human DNA with animal traits, Jeff Nichols, a sleazy tabloid reporter, decides Sarah Beth is a werewolf. Not only is that insulting to a fox, it’s laughable. Right up until some goon attempts to kidnap her from the job site on an important project.
Her alpha sends her to the wereeagles for help, where she runs smack into her childhood nemesis, Patrick Aquila. Patrick takes one look at the grown up version of the teenager he used to call Foxy, and knows he has to have her. Too bad things aren’t that simple.
He’s on a race against the clock to protect the woman he loves from the hunter who wants to kill her. Along the way, he has to convince her that he wants the same things she does, that they belong together. One couple. One mating. Forever.

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