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Darkness of Day: Hunter's Moon, #3

375 pages5 hours


Under the gaze of the glorious moon, vampires stalk the night. Coming to terms with what his life has become, Jelani finds himself caught between enemies. Yako pursues him no longer, but Remy's minions dog his trail. As the threat of the vampiric Hunters grows, Jelani takes to the night to ensure his friends' survival.

Oblivious to vampire politics and his life turned upside down by the relentless pursuit of the Hunters, Jelani uses his wit and newly acquired abilities to survive. With the fate of his friends resting on his shoulders, must Jelani turn away from the one he loves to save their lives? And what of the feud between the Eldest Hunter Yako, and Remy?

Caught in the middle of a conflict much larger than he understands, struggling against the rage within, Jelani masters himself in ways he never thought possible as the darkness envelopes his soul.

If you love Sunglasses after Dark, the Blood Series, and Vampire Huntress novels, you'll love this action-packed vampire series.

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