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The Angel of My Heart

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This is a true story of how one little five pound dog brought so much love to his family, and touched the lives of everyone that knew him.

 A  heartfelt story of the great bond of love between this owner and  her dog, her husband, and son .

 Sam was funny and so smart for being such a tiny yorkie.

 The sacrifices made to make Sam as happy as possible despite all his medical conditions.

Sam was given the greatest possible care throughout his almost twelve years of life, despite the fact that one Specialist only gave Sam one year to live when Sam was two years old if he did not have surgery at that time. I chose to work with my vet and I searched out natural remedies and was able to give Sam several more years of life.

Sam showed great courage and strength through all his illnesses, and proved if you are well cared for and loved you can gain the strength to endure anything.

How "The Angel Of My Heart" will always be remembered and never forgotten.

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