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Her Viking Heart

309 pages5 hours


A compelling story about love, loss, betrayal and redemption, as one woman discovers a family secret that changes everything she's ever known.

When Anna Miller's father is killed less than two years after the death of her mother, Anna finds herself alone in the world.  Moving back into her family home, Anna has the arduous task of sorting through and packing up her parents' belongings.  When she comes across some mysterious documents in her father's study she is confused but intrigued. Determined to complete the research her father began, Anna embarks on a journey that will take her back several generations in history to WWII.  As she begins to unveil the mystery surrounding her family, her research takes her to a small town in Wyoming.  It is in this town she meets a handsome rancher named Logan Harris, awakening feelings that haven't stirred inside her in a long time.  As Anna gets closer to discovering the truth about her family secrets, she realizes it may be at the cost of her personal happiness.

2018 American Fiction Awards-Award Finalist in the Chick Lit/Women's Lit category

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