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Personal Things In English (motley collection)

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This folder is not big and contains some things personally related with the author Chris Myrski; at the moment 4 pieces, yet this is not autobiography, the materials are made interesting for the readers. There are corresponding folders also in Russian and Bulgarian, which have a common part, but have also differences.

And then follows the Contents with some succinct explanations.

Myrski Against Myrski (devastating criticism)
[ This is as if biographical and reviewing material of all works of the author, presented in form of comic dialog of himself with his antipode. (2014) ]
Conditions For Printing Of Myrski
[ This material is intended not exactly for readers but rather for eventual editors of the author, yet it can be of interest for some colleagues-writers. (2014) ]
Creative Testament Of Myrski
[ This again is not for readers but for owners of sites and literary editors after his demise, though it can be interesting also for some colleagues creative workers as an untypical example of creative testament. (2014) ]
Open Letter To Microsoft
[ This is really a letter to Microsoft, yet the concrete plea to this company is at the beginning, and later are touched many important moments for all big software companies, as also are made various software propositions of the author, then follow some jokes with the very Bill Gates, and to the end are expressed other ideas and propositions, what makes the material interesting reading for intelligent persons. As this is written first in English it will not be translated in other languages. (2016) ]

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