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Time Passing

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Kevin Connor and his family mother, Josie brother Paul and sister Lucy lived and tried to survive in world war two, with not much food and little luxuries times were hard for the family, their father, Bernard was away doing something very secretive for the army on a need to know basis and the family had no need to know.
Then one day a letter came from the government telling them their father had been killed in a roadside bomb in North Africa, not really knowing their father as he was away a long time their grief not that turbulent, so they try and live without their father.
Lucy worked at the local cinema while she studied to become a doctor one day, there she met an American Airman named Paul was training to become and engineer one day, while trying to date every girl in the district. When his father is killed he then joins the army to the sadness of his mother knowing she has lost her husband to war now she may lose her son, Paul is sent to Singapore for training but is taken prisoner by the Japanese when they take Singapore and is transferred to Changi prison and then on to the infamous Burma railway.
When Kevin grows up, he becomes a journalist He is sent to Korea by his paper because the Korean army have captured a soldier for spying who they believe is Kevin’s father who is supposed to have died in Africa and he has to go and identify him to exchange him for American soldiers captured by the Korean’s

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