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Winning Numbers: An Introduction to the Riley Family

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He is a scientist, secretly winning the world’s major lotteries. The Russian mob wants him dead.

She is a single parent on the run from a drug lord. Nobody in law enforcement believes her story.

He and she find each other as predators from around the globe unite against them. Soon a lottery’s one-in-ten-million odds look better than the chances of staying alive---unless, of course, you’re a Riley.


Good Christian parents make a big difference in their children’s lives. What if a family had two consecutive generations of such parenting? The result might sometimes resemble the Rileys --- a remarkable family that together confront remarkable threats.

The Rileys pray hard, work hard, and fight hard. As families go, the Rileys are a close one. They have to be, given the dangers surrounding them.

Now the Riley Family must make room for two new members, neither of which knows it yet. First, though, the Rileys have to keep these two persons alive. Even for Rileys, that part won’t be easy.

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