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Dragon's Reclaim: The Book of Tremor: Part One

153 pages2 hours


The realms within Colltalios were chaotic and dangerous, Dragons roamed free to terrorise the cities, villages, and towns.
But a head-strong family under the name of Marchioni had been in power for many generations, and it was they who initiated the War of the Flames.
A war which saw all the realms of Colltalios along with the Elves of the east eliminate their biggest enemy.

In a world consumed by greed, betrayal, and hatred.
Safe now from the terrors that once dominated the lands mankind is now the new power.
But dangers lurk beneath the surface of the lands, a growing army of beasts from hell eradicated decades ago edge closer to rising to the surface.
The human race must end their bitter rivalries if they are to survive against an old enemy.
What will become of them if they cannot align and fight together to save their very existence?

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