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Overcoming Anxiety: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Recovery

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Many with anxiety-related problems find that after initial success, they relapse and again experience debilitating anxiety. Others never fully recover and continue to experience severe anxiety that interferes with their lives. "Overcoming Anxiety" was written to take those who have been on the anxiety merry-go-round to the next step and move beyond short-term fixes and achieve long-term recovery. The new second edition of Overcoming Anxiety has revised and updated this ground-breaking classic to make it even more effective and user friendly and:
•Clarifies the difference between mere symptom control and true freedom from debilitating anxiety.
•Shows readers how to clearly identify the message of their anxiety – underlying issues that trigger and maintain severe anxiety – and deal with them effectively
•Identifies issues from childhood that often become intertwined with severe anxiety
•Reveals the role that emotions play in life
•Enables the reader to effectively challenge the thoughts that trigger and fuel anxiety
•Takes readers through the steps needed to overcome avoidance caused by anxiety
•Describes how to establish healthy boundaries
•Identifies common roadblocks to recovery and how to overcome them
•Reveals the two “quiet messages” of anxiety that are often missed
the recommended activities at the end of each chapter show how to apply the ideas and skills described in the chapter and shift the focus from the messenger (the symptoms of anxiety) to the message (the core causes of anxiety) and deal with them in a direct and effective way.

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