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A Better End of the Universe: A Cosmic Con

261 pages3 hours


Penman and London's rollicking comedy. Twot conpads carrying Schtincci and Jinjr, a pair of exiled conmen from the 37 worlds, crash land on planet earth. The two grifters quickly become enormously wealthy , but to their dismay and disappointment their fortune was earned legally. Not satisfied with making money “on the square”, they hit the open road. Along the way they meet a colorful band of desert dwellers, and they use their form- shifting abilities to sidestep the intense security at Area 51, where they discover an alien being named Donkee Oh-Tee, a former 37 worlds war hero who rather than being held captive is actually living large inside the mysterious complex. Schtincci and Jinjr eventually encounter another pair of alien sharpies, who devise a long con, planning to outsmart them and steal their billions. For Schtincci, Jinjr and the Cosmos, this will be the consummate con.

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