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The Kingdom Child

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This story reveals what a Kingdom Child is supposed to look like. It was inspired by a fourteen- year-old boy named Jordan Allen who learned his divine purpose would be revealed while fighting for his life. While in and out of a coma, Jordan discovered it's not physical death we should fear, but spiritual death that leads us down one of two pathways; heaven or hell. We may think we're on the pathway to heaven when actually our own ree will has led us astray. This book will pierce the soul of every reader as they discover the authenticity of their own faith, especially in the darkest moments. There's a life that leads to death, and a death that leads to life. Only a Kingdom Child can know the difference.

"The Kingdom Child melts the coldest heart and opens the blindest of eyes. If you are looking for a book that brings a message from God, you have found it."
R.H. Lewis, author of Secrets of Bayboro Mansion

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