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How Do I Know God Loves Me?

59 pages


Reassures children that God is always with them providing love and support.

Received positive 2-page review in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHILDREN'S SPIRITUALITY.

— Encourages your children to love and respect God, themselves, others and the world in which they live.
— Speaks directly to your children in language they can understand.
— Answers questions that children ponder. (Why am I here?, Why are some kids so mean? Do I have a purpose? How can I make God smile?)
— Leads to surprising and open conversations when you read along with your child or grandchild.
— Helps you provide your child coping skills, comfort and encouragement in this often confusing world.
— Boosts your child's confidence and self-esteem.
— Helps you to guide your child’s spiritual awakening and growth.
— Illustrations in silhouette format so that children of all colors and backgrounds can relate.

This book was written for kids to keep by their beds; a book they can refer to when in need of emotional encouragement or spiritual support.
— Children are provided strength, spirituality, self confidence, and understanding that will support them on a daily basis.
— Kids learn they are important, powerful, unlimited beings with lives full of meaning and purpose.
— Children learn why some kids are bullies and how to handle them.
— Children learn self-awareness that will show them the way to happiness.

The world will be a brighter and happier place for your child.

word count = 3887

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