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Pride Be Damned: The Toby Garrison Chronicles, Book One

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“Fifteen-year-old Toby Garrison continues to blame himself for the car accident that took his mother's life three months ago. So, when his dad forces him to move to a small town, away from everyone and everything he knows, Toby sees it as punishment. But feeling cut off from the outside world is the least of his worries when his father disappears, and the pompous county sheriff refuses to do anything about it!

To make matters worse for Toby, the landline at the house has been cut, local thugs are terrorizing him, and the Special Forces uncle he barely knows arrives out of the blue to offer his assistance.

Who can Toby trust in this tangled web of conspiracy?"

Below is an excerpt from a five-star review written by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite:

~Ellen Boyd’s young adult mystery novel, Pride Be Damned: The Toby Garrison Chronicles, Book One, is an action-packed and exciting thriller story about a corrupt and vindictive sheriff and the Garrison family that he’s determined to destroy. Boyd’s plot is intricate and a lot of fun to follow, and her characters, especially Toby and his Special Forces Uncle Jake, are finely crafted and credible. Her plot works on a number of levels and encourages the reader to get involved and try to understand the motivation behind the sheriff’s behavior. I’m looking forward to the next book in this well-written and enjoyable series. Pride Be Damned: The Toby Garrison Chronicles, Book One is most highly recommended.~

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