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Speed, Sex and Retribution: Eighth in the Rafe Vincennes Series

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“Rafe is what he is, Morgan. He brilliant but he’s also amoral. Do you think he has a conscience at all?” Gabe asked the others.

“I don’t think so,” Denis told them.”I don’t think he’s ever suffered a moment of remorse for anything he’s ever done. He has a code he lives by but I doubt if any of us could ever comprehend what it is.”

“I’ll tell you his secret for getting away with it,” said Wyatt. “No one ever knows anything he does but him. He has no need to share secrets or confide in anyone. You’ve all read some of the popular books about spies or assassins or adventurers of one type or another. What is the one constant?” He went on to answer his own question. “They all have a team or a partner or a sidekick or a contact. But not Rafe. What he does, he does totally on his own. He doesn’t tell anyone what or how or where. He sometimes tells you when only so you can be sure to have an alibi, as he did you, Gabe. No one can out him either accidentally or on purpose. He moves swiftly and surely and silently. He uses cutouts that are unknown to anyone but him.”

“Do you think maybe he tells Ree?” Gabe asked.

“Nope, I don’t think he tells anyone. I think Rafe is totally self-contained.”

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