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Jargo Mortag had had it all. General of the dark warlock’s army, he had power and riches, fame and a purpose to his life. Had Aldar succeeded in his quest to claim the U’Narai Mortag would have been rewarded not just with the leadership of a worldwide army but an army that would have stretched out beyond the galaxy to encompass the entire universe.

But all that is gone. The dark warlock is dead, his once loyal followers scattered and Jargo is now a hunted man, wanted for theft and murder. The humans in particular keen to capture him and make him pay for the death of their beautiful queen. Their chase headed by the new queen, thirteen year old Farina, eager to see justice done for both mother and father.

On the run and with no friends to help him he turns to family and to the cold-hearted mother whose lack of love and scalding judgement of him drove him from his home so many years ago. They say you can never go home again but Jargo must for he has no choice.

Blood may be thicker than water but Julill Mortag is a woman whose dark and secretive ambitions have more power over her than the ties that are meant to bind.

Jargo seeks out his family in the hope of finding protection if not comfort but he may find to his cost that a mother may be a more dangerous threat than any dark warlock or avenging daughter.

Book four of the Free Land Chronicles takes us back in time to glimpse the life of the dark warlock’s most decorated soldier; the man who almost ended the life of Emkel, and introduces us to Julill – a woman whose destiny may be the ruin of the Free Land.

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